October 26, 2011

Mickey’s Super-Stretch LiMOUSEine

“Make it a stretch; in fact make it a super stretch.” You may not know but Rock 'n' Roller Coaster's limo wasn’t the first super-stretch limo to hit Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Mickey Mouse also had a limo of his own? Take a look at this beauty.

Mickey’s Super-Stretch LiMOUSEine

That’s a 40-foot LiMOUSEine that Mickey Mouse rode while on a 37-city tour promoting the opening of the Disney-MGM Studios in 1989.

LiMOUSEine’s features: Four cellular phones, a radio remote DJ booth, two Sony TVs with VCRs, and four sunroofs. But, the crown gem has to be that hood ornament: a 24-karat gold-plated Tinker Bell and a lot of pixie dust!

Mickey’s Super-Stretch LiMOUSEine

The LiMOUSEine was also equipped with a Sony RDSS Wayfarer Mobile Communication System, which allowed Minnie to pinpoint Mickey’s whereabouts on a personal computer back at home.

Mickey’s Super-Stretch LiMOUSEine Repainted for the Walt Disney World Resort 25th Anniversary

And just in time for the Walt Disney World Resort 25th Anniversary, the LiMOUSEine got a paint job.

* All pictures by Disney

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